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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Day three and the fat lady has yet to sing

Day 3 dawns. And it’s a joy to at last hear Scripture and the Spirit applied to the issues at hand – followed through with a prayerful response. What a good start to the whole symposium this would have made, providing an essential reference point that would have enriched everything.

The overall discourse, which has been extensive and valuable, has had a surprising number of old ‘thought that had been sorted long ago’ questions. There’s such a need to walk in today’s light rather than yesterday’s shadows.

A big thought has been the reference to ‘the spirit of the internet’ which is a very warm, welcoming, engaging and ‘let’s share this for free’ environment. In many ways more ‘Christian’ than much that carries the Christian tag.

Then Bishop Tom ‘two names for two brains’ Wright showed up and everything got ramped up three more gears. What is going on is more than ‘more information that arrives faster’, he underlined. Something has happened to those involved. Bringing in a new intuitive age, where play is more important than we though it was.

The final Dragon’s Den shows there is no shortage of ideas and needs to be met.

Now the challenge is to process all the input and engagement with some practical outcomes. Let's go and play.

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