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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

That was day 2

So that’s day 2 done and dusted. Lots of talk – up front and in groups. All creating echoes of the kind of conversations that must have happened when the church first confronted the advent of printing. So nothing totally new here.

But so far as the digital space is concerned a Christian response seems to come down to three options -
  1. Do we create our own space ‘out there' and invite people to find us and join us – even to do those things that most people no longer want to do in physical space?
  2. How do we behave now ‘the world and the Church’ counts the digital space as part of their living space?
  3. Do we identify the conversations happening out there and join in, including where we might feel the least welcome?
Meanwhile, there seems to be lots of angst about what church is in digital space, how you exercise authority and keep the mad men from raging. All too late as the genies are all out of the bottles and granting wishes to everyone. Anarchy rules, ok.

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