CODEC - Christian Communication in a Digital Age

an amalgamation of three research centres at St John's exploring:

- Biblical Literacy
- Preaching and Communication
- Theology & Cultural Engagement

Working in partnership with:
Churches Media Council & The Bible Society

Monday, 13 July 2009

Issues we will be discussing

  • changing world
  • how to apply this in church
  • jurisdiction - borderless web
  • space/virtual/channel/culture
  • authority in [the] church
  • who do we believe in wikiworld?
  • authenticity...accountability...responsibility
  • transparency - one persona?
  • online/offline responsibility
  • naivety about security issues - can we protect
  • empowering children online
  • digital natives/immigrants/aliens - see Born Digital...
  • Whose voices are heard on the internet?
  • What do people want to hear online?
  • Can you truly have an online community?
  • What's our heritage? Copyright?
  • Money and Christianity in Digital Space

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