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- Biblical Literacy
- Preaching and Communication
- Theology & Cultural Engagement

Working in partnership with:
Churches Media Council & The Bible Society

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

It's all over

Sadly the Symposium on Christianity in the Digital Space has come to end.

Will we meet again? Dunno...hope so...I think.

We will continue to use the #digisymp hashtag on Twitter.

Hopefully lots of relationships have been kicked off.

Please pray for CODEC and if you are a millionaire looking to support digital expressions of our faith or an agency with some funding to spare - please come and support our work.

Some reviews are beginning to appear: Ship of Fools

Thanks to all the participants - twas a blast!



  1. will the powerpoints from Tuesday night be made available, or a transcript of the talk? I was following online but had to do some 'real world' stuff and missed most of it!

  2. look forward to digesting the material thanks for making it happen and recording it all so well

  3. Pete

    Having only been able to be physically present for one day, the streaming, tweeting etc made the conference for me. Thanks so much for all you did.